Thursday, October 23, 2014

Back into Blogging

Hello! I've been away from this blog for almost two years! Long story short, I've been working as a travel RN during this time and have not been able to blog. I've been creating, mostly jewelry for brides on commission by word-of-mouth.

Okay truth be known. I saw my spike stitch post on Pinterest yesterday. I was blown away when scrolling down I saw a familiar photo. Clicking at it, it was the post on learning the spike stitch. Yep, I forgot I had this blog! Well I'm glad I saw that, because I was going to get my esty shop going again. That fell  by the wayside, too while away from home.

The thing is, I started a writing blog (will post link later) several weeks ago to get me spurred on with my writing. I also reopened my culture/faith/commentary blog not long before that. Then I saw the aformentioned picture. So .. welcome back to Yarntails!

I have tales to tell about the last two years but they will have to wait. I'm just glad I remembered my password to get back in here!

My latest, a pair of crocheted slippers, made of Hobby Lobby's First Love acrylic yarn in Road Trip using size J (6.00 mm) during the first episode of John Adams the miniseries.

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