Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tonight's jewelry

Lariat necklace in yellow chalcedony; peridot, lemon quartz and amethyst briollettes; sterling silver. This one is 24 inches. To wear, just drape and loop; no clasp needed!

One way to wear it is to double it up and insert the ends on the fold as shown, but the chain needs to be 36 inches long. That's in the works.

*sigh* I did have several photos to upload but Blogspot is having problems. I'll try the Photobucket route.

Be back soon...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Classes Begin on...Monday!

I have enrolled in three classes for Fall, to begin on the 27th; but, I found one more class I can take so I registered for it. Only thing, it begins this Monday the 19th. So I now have just this weekend for my summer break. They're all Literature classes so I will be reading a lot, which I do muchly anyway.

My plate's full -- I have a paranormal submission due end of October and a novel I want to e-publish by December, and my Etsy boutique to open hopefully by the end of this month but no later than mid-October so I'm creating Autumn-themed items and had started designing for Christmas...

Overcast day, but cool. Planted out my purple broccoli. Yep, purple. I'm dying to see the florets! I bought a three-unit aerogarden to promote seedlings; creepy, how fast those bean seeds sprouted! In 48 hours I have three seedlings three inches tall and transplanted into peat pots. I'll plant them outside this Sunday. I have more in the aerogarden. Creepy, because I've started reading Brave New World for my book club and the book began with the manufacturing of people by getting fertilized human eggs to have multiple buds...good grief, give me the old-fashioned way! But really, I enjoy watching those beans get going, and not get eaten by snails.

I'm still organizing the house. Oh, what to do about my stashes. I'm heading out to Bed Bath & Beyond to get those zip-up plastic sweater thingies that hang in the back soon. Hopefully I'll take pictures of projects I've been working on..

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stash up the Wazzoo!..and found treasures

I've been cleaning and organizing my guest room all week to turn it into a studio. I've gathered all my supplies and stashes onto the living room.

Holey moley. This will take time. My stash is out. of. control. And I need to do some serious work to finish all the WIPs -- firstly, by matching the unfinished projects with their tools and patterns. Hoooo boy. It sure pays to ziplock things together...

My once-serene living room looks like the yarn tornado came by. Beads and findings and wires, oh my. Fabrichanalia! Dang! Rigel, my poor little Havanese, is confused; my cats are in curiosity heaven.


I found stuff I forgot I had: the jewelry displays and cases; a box of vintage beads; music sheets -- I play the harp; my yarn swift -- I almost bought a new one; my sewing kit -- unfortunately, I bought another one so now I have two; my entire KnitPicks needles set -- woohoo!! My laptop bag, a silver necklace, and my dvd of Sense & Sensibility, which I will watch after blogging and while sorting through stash.

Whew! Back to work. Pictures soon.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I've decided to begin a new handcrafting blog that can easily be found and complement my upcoming Etsy boutique.

My boutique is called Bountiful Designs. I will be selling small, usually one-of-a-kind crocheted/knitted/sewn/quilted items such as scarves/shawls, hats, purses, baby items, doggy duds, kitchen items, and little quilts. I will also feature handmade jewelry, goat milk soap, soy candles, home decor. I will add pottery as soon as I can get a ceramic studio set up. I will also carry vintage collectibles of linens, teacups, EAPG, Depression glass, fashion jewelry, little toys, and figurines.

I am taking a lifetime of crafting and collecting, and turning them into a home business. I've been crocheting since I was eight years old, sewing and quilting since I was ten, knitting since twelve, making jewelry since high school. I love collecting vintage items and will post of my finds and sales.

I'm an RN of 35+ years' experience and ready to retire. But I want something to retire into. So here it is. I will be updating at least twice a week, but will make the effort to blog often.

I'm also a writer of historical fiction, sci'fi/fantasy and poetry; I aspire to be published, but that's a whole 'nother blog.