Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stash up the Wazzoo!..and found treasures

I've been cleaning and organizing my guest room all week to turn it into a studio. I've gathered all my supplies and stashes onto the living room.

Holey moley. This will take time. My stash is out. of. control. And I need to do some serious work to finish all the WIPs -- firstly, by matching the unfinished projects with their tools and patterns. Hoooo boy. It sure pays to ziplock things together...

My once-serene living room looks like the yarn tornado came by. Beads and findings and wires, oh my. Fabrichanalia! Dang! Rigel, my poor little Havanese, is confused; my cats are in curiosity heaven.


I found stuff I forgot I had: the jewelry displays and cases; a box of vintage beads; music sheets -- I play the harp; my yarn swift -- I almost bought a new one; my sewing kit -- unfortunately, I bought another one so now I have two; my entire KnitPicks needles set -- woohoo!! My laptop bag, a silver necklace, and my dvd of Sense & Sensibility, which I will watch after blogging and while sorting through stash.

Whew! Back to work. Pictures soon.

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