Friday, September 16, 2011

Classes Begin on...Monday!

I have enrolled in three classes for Fall, to begin on the 27th; but, I found one more class I can take so I registered for it. Only thing, it begins this Monday the 19th. So I now have just this weekend for my summer break. They're all Literature classes so I will be reading a lot, which I do muchly anyway.

My plate's full -- I have a paranormal submission due end of October and a novel I want to e-publish by December, and my Etsy boutique to open hopefully by the end of this month but no later than mid-October so I'm creating Autumn-themed items and had started designing for Christmas...

Overcast day, but cool. Planted out my purple broccoli. Yep, purple. I'm dying to see the florets! I bought a three-unit aerogarden to promote seedlings; creepy, how fast those bean seeds sprouted! In 48 hours I have three seedlings three inches tall and transplanted into peat pots. I'll plant them outside this Sunday. I have more in the aerogarden. Creepy, because I've started reading Brave New World for my book club and the book began with the manufacturing of people by getting fertilized human eggs to have multiple buds...good grief, give me the old-fashioned way! But really, I enjoy watching those beans get going, and not get eaten by snails.

I'm still organizing the house. Oh, what to do about my stashes. I'm heading out to Bed Bath & Beyond to get those zip-up plastic sweater thingies that hang in the back soon. Hopefully I'll take pictures of projects I've been working on..

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