Saturday, October 15, 2011

First Snowflake for my Christmas Tree

 Being alone and not strong enough to carry about and deal with a real 6ft Christmas tree, I decided to buy a fake tree. So I trekked over to Home Depot to see the selection. Turned out that they were not any lighter, and after years of assembling things the night before Christmas, I decided that NOT assembling anything that's too painful and too miserable was a promise to myself I intended to keep. So the standard fake tree was no option. I was ready to buy a small potted tree when, while I was watching a morning show one day (I forgot which one) , I saw the Possibilitree and voila! That's my tree! I ordered one.

My 6ft cherry tree was actually lighter than my floor harp which weighed 21 lbs. I suspended it from the ceiling and opened out the branches..easy peasy. All done by me.

Then came the decorating. I had a bit of a time getting the ornaments onto it at first; I needed to balance the branches or the ornaments would slide right off.  Some of my ornaments won't do. But true to the tree, and my aesthetics, the ornaments made by the kids when they were little were perfect. But the tree was rather sparse.

My Ashford spinning wheel,  Christmas gift from the kids. Possibilitree in the background.
I should have taken a picture. The one above was of my spinning wheel; in the background is my tree.

Anyway,  so this year I decided to crochet snowflakes for my tree. The first one, pattern from this site, might just be the hardest because of the spikes that go out to the sides -- it's been some time since I've crocheted with thread, and I've never done those spikes before. My fingers learned a lot about fine motor capabilities! It was towards the final two of those spikey things that I got into it and it got easier. And I think it turned out good. I need to do the glue and pinning onto corkboard procedure next (I'm allergic to styrofoam particles) to bring it to its glory.  I don't know yet about glitter; I'll try it on a simpler snowflake.

But yes! I can imagine my suspended tree with several light and airy snowflakes, perhaps a bigger one for the top, a crocheted Santa, and the kids' ornaments. Kinda like a North Pole Santa theme.


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