Thursday, October 13, 2011

A second online boutique

I found another crafters' mall called Lilyshop and just signed up for the "little shop". This one is perfect for my jewelry, soap and crochet items, a little shop of 25 items full of romantic feminine prettiness. I get one year free; thereafter it's $5 a month. So I need to get going, get established, get handcrafting!

I named the little shop Bountiful Style.

I've decided to use my Etsy strictly for vintage sales. It's still on vacation mode until I can get pictures up. I haven't been able to go to Frye's yet :/ I had a job offer and I that had kept me busy, as well as school.

BUT...I gathered up all the vintage beauties for sale. I'm checking the estate sales this weekend, buying/collecting packing materials, and pretty much getting Bountiful Estates ready.

Will post soon more pictures of new jewelry and crocheted dishcloths I just made.