Friday, January 6, 2012

1st pair of socks 2012 almost finished. I just need to put in the final kitchener stitches, weave in the yarntails, launder, then send them in a care package to a special Marine neighbor. The leftover yarns are to be knitted into beanies.

I'm looking into the second pair of socks for a neighbor's daughter who's in the Navy. They will be leisure socks in black and red, her favorite colors.

A third pair leisure socks is in the works made of Tofutsies. I love Tofutsies and have a big batch of them in my stash.

I will need to order more of the regulation yarns from our group founder.

AND... I'm feeling much better. I'm taking the next three days off to get caught up on housework and fiber arts, maybe make a bridal necklace or two, catch up on my reading. I'm foregoing classes this winter quarter and start in March. Too late anyway...many classes I wanted are either cancelled or I need to be wait-listed.

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