Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The beginnings of the new year and....

.... I feel poorly as I type this. Yep, I'm beginning the year sick. Not the cold-or-flu sick, but the fibromyalgia I-can't-stand-this-pain-and-fatigue sick, and the IBS flareup I-can't leave-the-house-where's-the-bathroom sick. Ugh!! My nursing job can wait.

So I am in bed, drinking lots of liquids and Kefir, and trying to get some crocheting and knitting done. My portable studio is set up, so when my legs are more cooperative I will get up and take pictures. I am determined to open my online stores!!

Before Christmas, and while looking for Christmas decorations, I dug into some boxes in the guest room and found the yarns and the beginnings of a pair of olive drab socks I was knitting for Socks for Soldiers. To make a loooong story short, I frogged and started all over. I'm now at the toe-shaping portion of the socks; I hope to be done tonight. Below is the photo of the socks I took last week.

Okay...going offline..I feel sick to my stomach..more when I'm feeling better..

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