Monday, January 9, 2012

Opening Day @ Etsy

I did it!! After procrastinating and hand-wringing and worrying for over a year, I finally opened my first Etsy boutique. At 2AM.

And I have two, count them, 2 listed ready-to-ship items.

Cloche in green and variegated pink of merino wool/nylon and alpaca.
The pictures turned out adequate. Actually, pretty good :) Can you believe I used my cell phone??

I do have a digital SLR camera (a Nikon D40 I named Mr. Magoo) but beats me how I can get it to focus. The more I tweaked it the more frustratingly out-of-focus it got. I'm not gadget-savvy and the blurriness was just one more excuse I used to not open shop. I suppose I can go online and look for the manual, but....oh heck, anyway, the cell phone worked for me! I'll deal with THAT another time.

I have more hats in various stages of construction, and WIPs of scarves, dishcloths and bath poufs. I have designs on paper for felted clutches, amigurumi, doggie duds and what I can closely call fine china shock absorbers...

...but I'm now going to bed. Feeling quite accomplished, really :)

Simply Stylish Hat of two strands red and gray peruvian wool.

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