Monday, January 23, 2012

Crocheting Resolutions for 2012

Actually, yes I'm one for making resolutions. I admit it. Come on now.. people say they're not into doing that but really do; they complain about the past year and how they're glad to be rid of it, implying a resolution to do things differently. So mea culpa; I do resolutions.

So at the end of each December I face the coming year as another chance and usually have a list of things I want to do, or not do. Here they are, and it's a good thing because many of them are Etsy-related.

* Open my Etsy boutique, even with only a few ready-to-ship items.... Check!
* Renew my CGOA membership, join the CYC.... Check.
*  Revisit and start participating at Crochetville....check.
* Crochet and knit every day.....check, so far so good.
* Commit to knitting a pair of Socks for Soldiers a down for January, started one for February.
* Learn entralac, Fair Isle, and intarsia.....looking into classes, bought books on the subject.
* Learn a craft I've never done before....signed up for Torrey Pines Needle Basket-making for February.
* Re-join Soldiers' Angels......done, and got connected with the local Vet group.
* Join my local Arts Guild.....not yet done, but got a brochure on the subject.
* Start local craft fairs...not yet done; will be with local Arts Guild.
* Take up watercolor painting....saw a class offered at the Craft Center but will take when I have more money.
* Be active in my Literary Classics Book Club....joined last November but the holiday season swallowed me for February: Persuasion by Jane Austen. I already have the book and have read it before..started reading, need to fix my email issue with the site.
* 2012's 50-Book Challenge with Livejournal and Crochetville....check.
* Where's my sewing machine?? It's packed away in the garage...need to find it, get it refurbished, and get quilting.
* Increase my income!! .....add extra shifts in travel nursing.
*Get healthy!!!...use health insurance since I'm paying beaucoup bucks for it! Make regular appointments, avoid getting ill, rest, mini-vacations, drink lots of liquids (my downfall), eat regularly....make appointment with nutritionist...use the clinic's lose-weight program, etc. etc....
* Continue the momentum on the study of medieval history...check! I love this subject anyway :))

*Journal everyday....already developed this habit so I have a good start.
*Poetry every day....ditto
*Do more blogging....okay a hard one, and easy to ignore since I really no longer like to blog as I did before, but this exercise is probably the best outlet to get writing.
*E-publish some short stories and novellas....started editing some works...will fix a target date for publication.
* problems there. I'm a readaholic with no cure in sight.

 Boy, it looks daunting....but I'll do my best..

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